Check out this great Local STL band - The Jazz Edge Orchestra

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The Jazz Edge Inc. and The Jazz Edge Orchestra ( were officially formed in January 1991 under the musical direction of Robert Edwards.  Others who have held the baton and led the Orchestra are Prince Wells, III; Anthony Wiggins and Thomas Moore.  Don't miss their next swing concert: January 24th at Kirkwood Station Brewing Company from 6-8pm! 

Performance venues include Powell Symphony Hall, Touhill Performing Arts Center, St. Louis Arch, St. Louis Science Center, Harris Stowe State University, Sheldon Concert Hall, Washington University, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and St. Louis Americas Center.

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PLUS Thanks Stevie

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Many thanks to Mr. Stevie Bryant, a St. Louis, MO, native, for taking the time to make some preliminary drawings and designs for our categories. Great talent, professionalism, and help. Thank you!

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Activity Overview

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The goal for you as a member of PLUS is to learn more about yourself. Therefore PLUS has split aspects of life into 7 main categories which we call Roots. We then paired them together into larger Stem categories. Each Root has 100+ activities (© 2015) for you to try which are listed under the menu with some activities with links to local businesses to help you complete them. You are to go out and complete an activity and make a simple post on your profile of what you did, what you thought, and add photos and other media to show your experience. 

Once you post an activity, you will earn points. Points are awarded depending on difficulty, pre-assigned, and are used so you may access and obtain products in the store, in determining top users, and granting awards. Points are added separately for each Root. To complete a Root you are shooting for a total of 1,100 points per Root. Once you complete all 7 Roots you are declared a PLUS Master Elite. 

PLUS hosts activities to have more community interaction in completing activities. Feel free to give suggestions about all the concepts and activities as including more activities, re-assigning points, which events to host, etc. We are always striving to improve the experience!


Stems - BIMS


Stem Mind 

Mind is a stem which includes the 2 Roots of Community and Education. The idea of Mind is for a individual to expand their outlook by gaining knowledge, pushing their mental capacity and capabilities, collaborating with the people and resources around them, and combining their brain power with the power of combined efforts.


Stem Body 

Body is a stem which includes the 2 Roots of Health and Leisure. The idea of Body is to ensure the individual takes care of their body for optimum functionality. To ensure proper nutrition, stress relief, outlets, fitness, and other facets of physique the Body Stem pushes individuals to try new activities while pushing their natural discipline.


Stem Soul

Soul is a stem which includes the Roots of Family and Spirit. The idea of Soul is for an individual to find their inner peace with and appreciate themselves and those closest to them. Soul will have an individual have control of their emotions and impulses and go through life in a calm collective manner. In doing so they will also hold themselves accountable to their families and commit to those responsibilities and sacrifices that they deserve and require.




Root Family - Orange

Sub-Roots: Children, Companion, Friend, Nucleus Pets

The Root of Family, off the Stem of Soul, is for an individual to appreciate the ones closest to them. Consulting, enjoying, and providing what is necessary in a healthy mutual family relationship. This does not have to be your blood, adopted, or legal family. Here at PLUS we recognize family can be in any forms whether it be a pet, coworkers, group, etc.


Root Leisure - Black

Sub-Roots: Adrenaline, Athletics, Game, Outdoors, Relax

The Root of Leisure, off the Stem of Body, is for members to experience all the good activities the world offers. In doing so members will have a respect and understanding for other's interests, where they come from, and learning to overcome new obstacles and adversities. Perhaps in their participation in each activity members will find their true passion and outlet.


Root Individual - Red

Sub-Roots: Integrity, Loyalty, Poise, Selflessness, Understanding

The Root of Individual, in itself a Stem, is what all other Roots and Stems build into and reinforces. The Individual is what each member seeks in their experience journey of completing all the criteria, broadening their vision and understanding. Through the numerous reflections completed, each member grows more aware of who they really are. The Individual root focuses on more personal acts that the other roots cannot categorize.


Root Community - Green

Sub-Roots: Charity, Citizen, Role, Samaritan, Volunteer

The Root of Community, off the Stem of Mind, is for individuals to learn about, be aware of, and engage in the resources, people, and activities offered around the community. The community is such a large part in everyone's everyday life. Imagine a world where a city simply worked together and helped one another without prejudice or malicious intent.


Root Health - White

Sub-Roots: Active, Energy, Medical, Nutrition, Treatment

The Root of Health, off the Stem of Body, is for members to take care of their body through balanced smart nutrition, fitness, and self-awareness. Our accomplishments at times are limited by our health, therefore members must work towards expanding that limit, knowing their capabilities, and properly sustaining with what our body needs to function.


Root Education - Yellow

Sub-Roots: Activist, Explore, Knowledge, Mentor, School

The Root of Education, off the Stem of Mind, is to have individuals seek knowledge and expand their capabilities and understanding with their mind. In doing so their analytical and comprehensive skills will better able them to solve issues, become more resourceful, and have a broader outlook.


Root Spirit - Blue

Sub-Roots: Culture, Enlightenment, Faith, Giving, Superstition

The Root of Spirit, off the Stem of Soul, is for people to have faith. This Root does not focus on religion necessarily, but simply focuses people to have faith in themselves from whatever they may derive it from. Soul also encompasses an emotional aspect to have genuine compassion and possess an internal flame that drives meaning into their daily actions.


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