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# Subcat Activity Pts
1 Charity Give a blessing card with a gift card of your choice to a homeless person 20
2 Charity Bring snacks to your place of work or school for everyone 15
3 Charity Attend another's fundraising event 20
4 Charity Put your own fundraising event 20
5 Charity Donate or help someone obtain their goal via an online site 15
6 Charity Donate to a charity 15
7 Charity Stop and donate to a fundraiser events you see on your commute 15
8 Citizen Leave a sincere comment on random businesses or people’s sites or social media 10
9 Citizen Shovel your driveway and rake your leaves every time it snows or leaves for a year 10
10 Citizen Use only public transportation or bike for a day 10
11 Citizen Attend a small community event that usually does not have much attendance 10
12 Citizen Adopt a pet from a local shelter 20
13 Citizen Donate used items and clothing to your local donor store 10
14 Citizen Give someone a job 15
15 Citizen Help someone find a job 10
16 Citizen Stand out and decorate your home during the holidays 10
17 Citizen Ask to place a bird feeder at a local park and tend to it for a year 10
18 Citizen Give blood 15
19 Citizen Vote 15
20 Citizen Place water/treat bowls outside your house or place of business for those walking their pets for a month 10
21 Citizen Offer internships to students from your past schools 20
22 Citizen Tutor children at a local school 10
23 Citizen Attend a city council meeting 5
24 Citizen Volunteer to take children out for a fun day from a foster home 5
25 Citizen Help advertise a local small business 10
26 Citizen Write a how to article concerning your local legal government agencies 15
27 Citizen Report negative activities to the proper authorities 5
28 Citizen Sit jury duty or attend a court session 20
29 Citizen Try to calm a hostile situation in a public environment 10
30 Citizen Purchase items only from local small businesses for a month 20
31 Role Touch base with everyone who has helped you in life and say thank you 20
32 Role Talk to people who seem to be alone 5
33 Role Purchase something from a solicitor 5
34 Role Wear a shirt with your own custom uplifting quotes for a week 5
35 Role Play cupid and help set 2 people up in a relationship 10
36 Role Purchase something from a telemarketer 5
37 Role Visit and do your own review of a company 5
38 Role Applaud military members in uniform 5
39 Role Send a general thank you card to 10 random businesses 5
40 Role Take a walk and pick up trash 5
41 Role Leave every place better than you found it for a week 5
42 Role Take part in or host a block party 10
43 Role Participate in a community parade 5
44 Role Give a distant family gifts during the holidays 5
45 Role Give out candy on Halloween 5
46 Role Visit your city hall 5
47 Role Visit your state capital building 5
48 Role Plant a garden or tree in your neighborhood 10
49 Role Babysit another’s kids free 5
50 Role Cut your hair for cancer 5
51 Role Ask neighbors if they need something if you are going to the store and get it for them 5
52 Role Recycle all recyclables for an entire year 15
53 Role Ensure your house is up to date and cosmetically repaired and renovated 20
54 Role Host a neighborhood Potluck 10
55 Role Street perform 15
56 Role Tend to another person’s pet while they are on vacation free 5
57 Role Call and say happy birthday to every person you know for a year  5
58 Role Give something expensive away 10
59 Role Win as many tickets as you can at an arcade and give them to a stranger’s child 5
60 Role Pay for everyone at an outing 5
61 Role Tell people only what they want to hear for a week 5
62 Role Attend every event invited to for a month 5
63 Role Tell the complete truth for a week 10
64 Role Hang out or have a reunion with old friends 5
65 Samaritan Save coupons and leave them for people while at the store 10
66 Samaritan Help someone stopped on the side of the road 10
67 Samaritan Leave a dollar taped to a vending machine 10
68 Samaritan Do house work for your neighbors for free 10
69 Samaritan Do errands for someone is unable to 10
70 Samaritan Give a stranger a ride 20
71 Samaritan Leave nice notes for people you come into contact with throughout the day 15
72 Samaritan Give up your better seat to someone else 10
73 Samaritan Collect all shopping carts for a store on a late night 10
74 Samaritan Offer and take pictures for other people 10
75 Samaritan Stand up for someone 20
76 Samaritan Leave free water bottles on a hot day for others to take at a community area 10
77 Samaritan Walk around a crowded area and hand out just because cards, treats, flowers, etc. 15
78 Samaritan Cover a shift or job for someone else 10
79 Samaritan Help find or advertise a lost pet 10
80 Samaritan Give gifts to neighbors 10
81 Samaritan Pay for the person behind you who is in line 10
82 Samaritan Purchase great seat tickets for something popular in town and sell them back to someone for half the price 10
83 Samaritan Drop generous amount of change for locations with arcades or vending 5
84 Samaritan Give a very generous tip 5
85 Samaritan Carry or help someone get their bags to their car 5
86 Samaritan Open the door for people for a week 5
87 Samaritan Fill up the gas tank for a friend or random stranger 5
88 Samaritan Allow someone to go in front of you while checking out 5
89 Samaritan Drive under the speed limit for an entire week 10
90 Samaritan Give a warm greeting and compliment to everyone you come across for a week 5
91 Volunteer Volunteer at a local hospital 20
92 Volunteer Go and talk to people that stay long term in hospital care or in a retirement home 20
93 Volunteer Volunteer at a local homeless shelter 20
94 Volunteer Volunteer to help at a local community center and lead a group activity 20
95 Volunteer Volunteer at a local food pantry 20
96 Volunteer Volunteer at an animal shelter 20
97 Volunteer Volunteer at the local library 20
98 Volunteer Volunteer at an event of your choosing 20
99 Volunteer Make your own volunteer event 20
100 Volunteer Clean a small businesses dirty bathroom 20
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