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# Subcat Activity Pts
1 Culture Attend another culture or faith festival or event 15
2 Culture Make a scrapbook on your faith 15
3 Culture Read a fictional novel of your faith 15
4 Culture Read a random portion from a religious text 15
5 Culture Read about the culture your faith originated from 10
6 Culture Sing a song of your faith 10
7 Culture Try Tai-Chi 10
8 Culture Try yoga 10
9 Culture Tryout a martial arts 10
10 Culture Visit a world wonder outside the United States 20
11 Culture Visit a world wonder within the United States 15
12 Culture Visit the origin of your religion 20
13 Culture Watch a fictional film of your faith 10
14 Culture Watch a religious documentary 10
15 Culture Write a poem expressing your faith 10
16 Culture Write what do you like about other beliefs 10
17 Culture Write which other faith you would choose 10
18 Enlightenment Attend a class on your faith 15
19 Enlightenment Bring about suggestions to your place of worship 15
20 Enlightenment Debate a faith related topic in a group 10
21 Enlightenment Devote an entire day to growing your spiritual self 10
22 Enlightenment Go on a trip on your own with fellow people of your faith for team activities 10
23 Enlightenment Grow and tend to a spiritual plant 10
24 Enlightenment Guide another in finding their faith 15
25 Enlightenment Learn something new about your faith 5
26 Enlightenment List attributes you would like to improve personally when it comes to your faith 5
27 Enlightenment Meditate 15min daily for a week 10
28 Enlightenment Meditate in complete darkness 10
29 Enlightenment Meditate outdoors under the sunlight 10
30 Enlightenment Practice breathing exercises 10
31 Enlightenment Read an article against your faith 10
32 Enlightenment Read article pro your faith 10
33 Enlightenment Write a letter with questions to a leading figure in your faith 10
34 Enlightenment Write about a figure within your faith that you look up to 10
35 Enlightenment Write about a spiritual aspect 10
36 Enlightenment Write another’s opinion on what they think about your faith 10
37 Enlightenment Write why you are grateful for your faith 10
38 Enlightenment Write your likes and dislikes about your faith 10
39 Faith Attend a group session concerning your faith 10
40 Faith Attend a mass event with respect to your faith 10
41 Faith Attend a session at a Buddhist Temple 10
42 Faith Attend a session at a Catholic Church 10
43 Faith Attend a session at a Christian Church 10
44 Faith Attend a session at a different denomination 10
45 Faith Attend a session at a Hindu Temple 10
46 Faith Attend a session at a Jewish Synagogue 10
47 Faith Attend a session at a Muslim Mosque 10
48 Faith Attend a session at a smaller practice not named here 10
49 Faith Attend a spiritual retreat of sorts 20
50 Faith Attend a tribal ritual 10
51 Faith Attend as many activities available at your place of worship for a month 15
52 Faith Attend different places of worship in your area with respect to your specific faith 5
53 Faith Confess to the one you call ‘God’ any bad you have done 5
54 Faith Find your favorite quote derived from your faith 5
55 Faith Go to a new religious place of worship of your choice 5
56 Faith Learn some phrases in a traditional and or original religious language 10
57 Faith Make an alter with respect to your faith 10
58 Faith Memorize wisdom, text, passages of your faith 5
59 Faith Obtain lessons on the text of your faith for better understanding 10
60 Faith Officially register with your place of faith 5
61 Faith Thank the one you call ‘God’ for what you currently have 5
62 Faith Visit a Greek Temple 5
63 Faith Write 3 questions you would ask the ‘God’ you believe 5
64 Faith Write why you believe in what you believe 5
65 Giving Answer questions on a forum concerning your faith 15
66 Giving Be a consumer at a local small business that relates to your faith 15
67 Giving Do something to help out a person who is part of your faith 15
68 Giving Donate or volunteer with your faithful organization 20
69 Giving Fundraise for your place of faith 20
70 Giving Give a gift to a random member of your place of worship 10
71 Giving Go on a mission concerning your faith 20
72 Giving Hug someone at your place of worship 15
73 Giving Invite friends to your place of worship 15
74 Giving Invite your entire family to your place of worship 15
75 Giving Lead a group activity for your faith 15
76 Giving Make an activity at your place of worship for others to participate in 15
77 Giving Mentor another in your faith 15
78 Giving Volunteer in your faith’s ‘right of passage’ events 20
79 Superstition Adhere to all the requirements and teachings of your faith for a week 10
80 Superstition Bring faith décor into your household 10
81 Superstition Close your eyes and randomly sketch on a paper 10
82 Superstition Cry about something in your faith 10
83 Superstition Do not speak for 24 hours 10
84 Superstition Draw what you believe your ‘God’ looks like 10
85 Superstition Find humor about something in your faith 10
86 Superstition Find your own lucky charm or spiritual piece 10
87 Superstition Find your safe place 10
88 Superstition Meet new friends at your place of worship 10
89 Superstition Take a picture which you think best represents your faith 10
90 Superstition Watch the sun rise and set 10
91 Superstition What stereotypes would you like to fix in your faith 10
92 Superstition Write  how the world will end 10
93 Superstition Write 10 words that would describe how your faith expects you to act 10
94 Superstition Write a story of something that happened to you that was unexplainable 10
95 Superstition Write down all your dreams and thoughts for a week 10
96 Superstition Write how science and your faith relate together 10
97 Superstition Write how you think the world began the world began 10
98 Superstition Write what changes you would make to your faith 10
99 Superstition Write what people need to do to improve society 10
100 Superstition Write what you think the future holds for humanity 10
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