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Welcome to Patch Life Utilities (PLUS). The idea is for us to help you explore  in order to allow you to expand your experiences and only then truly discover who you are and where you stand after deep reflection. Register free today, button above, to start earning points, make activity posts on your profile after completing an activity from one of our activity lists, gain points & access to purchase custom apparel, subscribe & obtain local discount incentives, utilize the forum & community, and have other options! (Here's an update article on the current status of PLUS)


We help people discover their interests and who they want to be by helping them get exposure and try new things. 

We made lists of activities for people to complete on their profile, where they earn points by making a post after completion. Points give users access to purchase custom apparel and have other incentives.

To help complete activities, annually subscribing members are given first time use, local business, discounts & coupons to try new activities; we also list other local resources, places, and groups for people to try, see, and explore with respect to the activities we've listed.

Lastly, we host fun events with respect to these activities at local small business venues to encourage people to be more active in the community and support their interests. Eventually, we hope to save enough for a community center for a single safe location to try all sorts of activities more affordably; to be used as a central hub for community involvement.

Our hope is to get people more engaged in the community in an ever isolating world of technology and become better citizens by becoming more open minded. We can only achieve this by experiencing different and new things.



For all questions, inquiries, registration, and more, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the owner Andrew Zheng at 636-675-5673.


The Concept of PLUS


Patch Life Utilities > PLUS for short

Motto: Your Earned Identity (As a Member of PLUS you are to accomplish activities and make posts that allow you to reflect upon your experiences towards developing and honing your own Identity)

Values: I-PLUS > Integrity, Poise, Loyalty, Understanding, Selflessness

Mission: Helping you discover your identity by trying new things.

Creed: To extract, equip, and encourage the community towards unified harmonious growth through the development of individual's identities, self-awareness, and understanding of themselves, those around them, and the "should be" focus of our civilization.

Mascot: Knight. Protecting the order of our cause and community. Upholding the core values of a good samaritan and setting a good example to follow.

Logo Metaphor: The logo is called the PLUS "Axis"; the concept of what revolves around your life. When you wear this logo, you resemble a person who knows who they are, a person who knows and is their own true identity. The idea is a growing person finding himself at the center; symbolizing a natural growing mechanism as a plant. Therefore the figures are divided into core stems and branching categories of roots (or "thorns"). Great beauty within comes great obstacles as a plant with roots.

The centerpiece of triangle and circle is the individual's identity in itself. The triangle and circle are the strongest shapes and foundations. Strength is necessary to ensure and sustain something so important as the identity of an individual's uniqueness. The colored-in triangle is a Root of Individual and the interior is the stem of Identity which is what everything around. It is all further broken into categorical roots and stems which reinforces and establishes.

Three other stems make up the core stem surrounding the triangle. Family and Spirit roots establish the stem Soul, Education and Community roots establish the stem Mind, and Health and Leisure roots establish the stem Body. The stems of Mind, Body, and Soul will virtually create and lead to one's main stem of Identity. And each Stem has their own Roots and sub-Roots which further categorizes what makes someone their own Identity.


Being a PLUS member:

A PLUS member is not just another account or profile on another media site. We are not concerned here at PLUS with making money, driving up content ratings, or gaining publicity through web traffic. PLUS is seeking members who are good people and who want to make themselves better while bringing up and giving back to the community around them. You will be expected to live your life proud, honest, humbly, and give respect while working to your highest potential possible and setting a good example for others to follow. 

Our community of members is also a concept of a lost 'Good Neighbor' ideal. As members we expect each person to hold each other accountable for their actions and act respectfully towards one another. If negative activity is reported, those individuals and accounts will be banned from the site and PLUS community permanently. We would also like members to help one another with an open hand by mentoring, solving each other's problems, communicating via social functions, networking, and being a helping hand in real life situations.

So ask yourself. Are you ready to become a part of a community where we are all working towards a common goal in a safe, constructive, and ambitious environment while learning more about yourself towards great experiences and success? Then register now!

1. Read and learn about PLUS through the available pages

2. Become a member by clicking on the top registration button

3. Fill out the information and you may need to authenticate your e-mail

4. Edit your profile and take part in the community, forum, and other activities that are now available to you on the site

5. Start your journey in becoming a Patch Master in each Root. Review the activities on each Root's page and start experiencing each one at your own pace, leisure, and order. Take photos and other media for proof. (If you are unable and do not wish to participate in a certain activity, simply write an article on the topic or explain your adversity to it instead  of participating)

6. Post reflections on how the experience made you feel, how it expanded your mind, etc. along with any other media/content which pertains to it on your profile in the drop down activity post lists. Also further reflect in the deeper PLUS Group Reflections.

7. Purchase Plus Apparel. 

8. Participate in activities & events, set a good example to the world, and help other members along the way while living proudly the PLUS mission and cause.


The Site: PLUS' site tries to create a community of members that work towards finding their Identity. 

Upon becoming a members, users will reference the website Activities Lists to complete listed activities and then make posts. Materials basically provide proof of accomplishment and each submission contains a reflection post to allow users to digest, synthesize, and give thought about their experiences to add to their recipe of who they really are.

Members have incentives to complete tasks by featured member awards and also ability to obtain PLUS Apparel. The idea of PLUS is not to generate profit for itself, but to provide resources for the masses. Much of all profits generated from these sales will go to provide funds for member's scholarships and needs, the community center, events, and give back to the community in social responsibility outreach activities and donations. 

The PLUS ID number is to move identity in relation to the outer shell of judged names towards one's internal accomplishments in a colorblind concept of social acceptance.

Each member is ideally working towards becoming a PLUS Master where they have successfully accomplished and submitted 100 activities in every Root; completing 100 activities in a single root makes members a Root Master (F,L,I,T,C,H,E, or S) for the respective Root or a Stem Master (F, L, etc.) if they complete the 2 corresponding Roots. To reach these notorious achievement we offer the incentives of certificates, awards, and simple pride which hopefully establishes a better identity of who the individual really is.

Along the journey in becoming a PLUS Master, a forum exists to help members along in roadblocks and to answer any questions by answering one another and helping to solve one another's problems. The community profile also exists for social utility, to track one another's progress, trade ideas, obtain motivation, and network a member database for support.

Also to help members finish activities PLUS plans to eventually partner with other local small businesses (PLUS prides itself in supporting local businesses and those that call the USA home which create jobs and advance the quality of life of those in the community with their own sound missions) to provide members with discounts and opportunities to finish difficult or demanding activities.

In retrospect the overall site is a guide and home front to showcase, assist, and help advance the concept of finding one's identity towards becoming a productive positive member of the community.


Analysis: The concept of PLUS is to help generate good Samaritans. We desire for people to gain a broader view on people in society by stepping into their shoes and expanding their scope of experiences, understanding, and knowledge of the complex system called society. By doing so, PLUS hopes to break barriers between classifications of people and desegregate and rid of subjective negative judgments that infect daily transactions. We want to revitalize the good spirit, honor, integrity, and hard working ambition that made our civilization strong in the first place.

No matter one's belief, background, or situation, everyone desires good and happiness. That idea can only be obtained by first knowing who each and every one of us are. Sometimes guidance and support are needed for that to happen, thus PLUS was established to try and facilitate that need. We want to set an example and create our own social utility of mentoring people towards advancing civilization in the right direction once more - with the collective contributions of each individual in their unique positive way, dedicated towards a common goal without the social barriers presented today.


Imagine a world where the commandments you adhere to were illustrative with the utmost precision and genuine effect by every person. But that is hard to do when people themselves do not know who or what they stand for either. PLUS does not try to give specific purposes to others, affirm that what we do or say is rooted in some scientifically social or religious principle or theory, or desire to take overall control. It is not about money, fame, or even reorganization. PLUS is about bringing to light a small idea and pay it forward to the community through those who desire to follow. That the world is a very big place and that we all must identify our own little special spot in it; and to do so requires a patch full of different life utility aspects.

We simply want to pass on and emphasize what we believe are to be good morals and values, and would like to illustrate it through set activities. With the ever growing fast pace of technology it is a wonder whether younger generations even stop to reflect, decompress, or have even listened to the silence before. Distractions are at a all time high, the meaning of acceptance have expanded to un-quantifiable arrays of confusion, and problems are being generated in an exponential fashion in this structured chaos.


PLUS would like to also stress simple utility; plain usefulness and efficiency in our actions in what we need to do versus our wants. As a whole, when we prioritize our needs first to be accomplished over our wants, we will be better able to enjoy and appreciate our wants. However, what should really be our want? Is winning a lottery and obtaining more money than we can spend really the utility of our life? That is not the case for PLUS. We would rather put the resources to better use in the hands of those who can better purpose its value back into the community advancement in a more constructive manner.

Instead of the lottery millions, for some not needed dream home and merchandise, PLUS would like to properly utilized that resource for research: to research a cure for a loved one's new disease, exploring the depth and space uncharted to discover answers and possibilities, and invest in the future of a depleting planet and growing youthful generation.


But these are all concepts that require the right people to put in the right dedication for the right reasons. That requires people to know who they truly are and find their identity. We must take things one step at a time. There is no solution formula to put people in the right place to do what they should do all the time because they truly knows themselves. No. But ideas can be made and this idea we shall try.

No longer be ashamed of who you are and join this humble community in growing together. Take a step with us in our mission and allow us at Patch Life Utilities to help you find Your Earned Identity.



Patch Life Utilities is currently a Sole Proprietorship started by Andrew Zheng of St. Louis, MO USA in January of 2015. The concept, which was ever evolving over the years, arose out of Andrew's growing life vision to create a better community. A community that has genuine good people that all work together hand in hand, without segregation or societally created obstacles, to advance this world toward better forward progress in what should truly matter; universal happiness. 

Over the years Andrew has conceptualized a way to bring people together and mentored a unity of peoples towards common goals. Starting with leading various activities during grade school Andrew felt obligated and determined to establish his mission of extracting, encouraging, and equipping people (specifically at the time young adults) with what was necessary to make them truly successful on all fronts of their lives.

This idea would be reinforced with his attempt to develop a social non-profit group in high school called Aerofluct Creed. Starting as a common interest activities venture, the group soon grew into a arts and self expression facet that allowed friends to do activities as a group, find an acceptable safe party to be around, and experience a taste of youthful unity towards a common goal.

While in the Marine Corps, Andrew once again attempted an idea with a non-profit performing band called NAMSET to play in the local area providing the community with the sound universal language of music. Also as the Single Marine Program representative, Sergeant Zheng brought to the service members aboard the base Camp Lejeune, NC the care and attention they required in organization awareness, educational, and enjoyable activities to all; this included setting the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most people performing a chain push-up of 138 Sailors and Marines.

As the idea evolved through more groups, activities, volunteering, and experiences, the honed in concept of Patch Life Utilities was developed and finalized.


General Background and a Personal Statement from the Creator - (Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn)

General Background

Andrew was born in 1991 and raised in St. Louis, MO USA. His parents are originally from China and they moved to St. Louis to attend graduate school at Washington University. He has an older brother who is a doctor.

Andrew attended High School at Parkway North graduating in 2010. Afterwards, he joined the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC as a Marine Musician until 2014. During his military tour he earned a BA in Business Administration during night school via the extended campus with Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC.

Upon the end of service Andrew returned home to St. Louis, MO with his newly-wed wife in 2014 to attend Law School at Washington University where he earned his JD in 2017. Andrew would become a licensed attorney in Missouri and begin his MBA at Webster University in that meanwhile. He would then join back with the Marine Corps as a JAG officer. 

The end goal is for Andrew to do what he can to affect positive community change.


Personal Statement

Happiness is everywhere. Whether it be small acts of kindness and generosity, the smiles of loved ones, the unconditional love from a pet, or accomplishment of a mission, happiness is found; but that opportunity is not forwarded to everyone the same. Closed environments, ineffective education, lack of moral support, institutionalized barriers, and inferior mindsets all underlay this life of supposed liberty. People are in need of help. And although there are resources and a system in play, throwing money and generally regulating the masses is no way to aid people towards happiness. But I will not stand for that. I am set upon obtaining a position to properly guide and influence those who will go on to lead this country. People need a voice, an outlet, to be exacted, equipped, and encouraged – and with my motivated passion I will find them a means to do so. That is my goal.

I am on a mission to dedicate my goals towards improving the structure and foundation of this nation. Needed mentorship ought to be more readily available and self seeking within the education system and other community centers in order to extract, equip, and encourage the future to their highest potential possible. However, to get anything done requires resources, education, and a network of reliable contacts (if you are unaware of the innocent and underprivileged conditions, go visit a inner city 'bad part of town' school during the summer and try to admit it is those kid's own fault for not being able to go to that high tech suburbs school).

I know myself, I know where I give honor to, I know why, what, how, and have the inspiration to do it. I am unique, but the crazy thing is that everyone is. It is just knowing how to bring those unique qualities together. Diversity is given in anyone and reasons can be made, but for myself, “Live your life to ensure the one you love would be proud of you”.

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  • Never forget who you are, where you come from, and who helped you along the way. Embrace your identity and remember, only your opinion of you matters in the end.
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